Page started 10 April 2016 with this introduction:
"I started handknitting again last year in September as a therapeutic activity, for relaxation, enjoyment and creative output.  First foray was a hedgehog from a knitting magazine which I gave to my middle son.  And today 10 April 2016 I completed my first ever knitted sock, 4 ply wool, 4 pins, learning to turn a heel and join at the toes with Kitchener stitch.  In between times I have knitted 3 jumpers and 3 hats, one of them for our cat Foxy who is no longer with us."


Update 25 September 2016: completed Donegal Moss Green Aran socks and started knitting Lavender cable vest also with Donegal wool

Update 1 September 2016: another hank of Donegal Aran Tweed arrived in post, Lavender shade, to knit myself pair of socks [change of plan, had to buy another hank due to problems with mailing, will knit something else]; at present on 1st sock of 3rd pair beaded socks 4ply Merino and Moss Green Donegal cable socks

Update 9 July 2016: knitted on plane to London with 4 pins, Donegal Aran Gold Tweed sock, Arcadia pattern

Update 22 June 2016: really getting into sock knitting now, different wool ply and styles; easier for doing in buses and trains; planning to take sock projects on plane to London, two visits in July, have bought bamboo needles to use (didn't use them, took metal pins instead!)


Projects ongoing & completed
Bergere de France 4ply Caline wool Lutin shade 27Mar17

March 2017

Jacob's 4ply wool Swiss pattern sock

February 2017

Bergere de France Initial 4ply recycled cotton 20Feb17

completed Shetland wool & Stylecraft chunky 25% wool sock 12Feb17

Shetland wool, sourced locally


Bergere de France 4ply Alpine sock


3ply wool ankle sock ongoing

January 2017

Alpine Glow German clock pattern right sock DK wool 29Jan17

Bergere de France 3ply multicolour socks 22Jan17
completed 14Jan17

grandson Callum's socks 21Jan17: Lightning McQueen & football buttons!

socks for Peter and Sian 17Jan17

started socks for grandson Callum 13Jan17

stitched cable arm on jumper 8Jan17
completed 7Jan17 His and Hers!

2nd ankle sock 4Jan17
1st ankle sock bus to St Andrews 3Jan17

neckbands sown on front & back

raspberry Aran wool jumper with cable sleeves

December 2016

large pair ankle socks completed 22Dec16
1st alpine sock 'forgotten love' clock pattern

fingerless gloves in Rosedean Ryelands pure wool 2015 flock 27Dec16

first cable cuff 9Dec16

Celtic Braid Mug Hugs in Donegal Aran Tweed: Lavender, Moss Green, Gold

Beaded 4ply Merino Beryl shade socks & Lavender pattern pink DK Merino socks
2 pairs lacy pattern wool ankle socks completed 5Dec16


November 2016

Peace cushion completed 25Nov16

DK sparkly wool socks for granddaughter


October 2016

socks for grandson in America

Donegal Aran Tweed cable waistcoat 31Oct16


chunky wool jacket pattern
back of chunky wool jacket Oct16

Donegal Aran Moss Green socks completed 25Sep16

Donegal Aran cable vest left front 25Sep16

Cable vest pattern




1st sock, third pair, beaded cable lacy pattern sock, 4ply Merino, Beryl shade

2nd pair beaded cable lacy socks DK Merino Kunzite shade & girl's ankle socks 24Aug16

1st child's ankle sock DK 30Aug16
Donegal Aran Moss Green Tweed sock 4Sept16

2nd pair of handknitted socks DK 4 pins 25Apr16
first attempt at making beaded necklace 3Aug16



Beaded cable lace 4ply Merino socks, shade 'Chryso', completed 22Jul16


First pair knitted socks completed 16Apr16 4ply 4 pins; cushion Nov15
lacy pattern ankle socks Ramsdale DK pure wool 3mm pins, completed 21Jun16

Donegal Aran Tweed socks completed 27May16, 3.75mm pins
Donegal Aran Tweed sock pile 14Jun16

first beads purchase arrived in post 17Jun16

Bergere Magic wool socks with Alpaca mix stripes 17Jun16

Cable socks completed 28May16 DK Stylecraft wool, 3mm pins

Argyle Lace pattern cardigan 11May16

chunky wool hat 1Apr16

chunky wool jumper Feb16

Foxy "cat in a hat" Nov15

first project Sep15

jumper & hat for granddaughter Mar16

Aran wool jumper Mar16

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